Professional production provides TBM equipment for coal mining

Specializing in the production of shearers, roadheader, loader, loader, brazing diamond tools.


EBH120 Roadheader

EBH120 cantilevered roadheader adopts two gun head transverse cutting. It has good stability and good cutting effect...


EBZ135 Roadheader

EBZ135 cantilever type roadheader is of low body and adopts imported pilot control hydraulic system, which has high reliability...


EBZ160 Roadheader

EBZ160 cantilevered roadheader equipped with extensible cutting arm, can realize positioning cutting...


About Us

Scope of operation: mechanical and electrical equipment, hydraulic equipment, electrical equipment (except special equipment), design, production and sale of shearer, roadheader, loader, rock loader and accessories, technical development, technical consulting, technical service (except special equipment) in the field of mechanical and electrical equipment, import, export and import and export of goods.

What Customers Say?

We are very satisfied with the roadheader product provided by our company, and our efficiency of coal mining has been greatly improved. The equipment is stable in performance, good in operation and stable in picture. It is very satisfied with the roadheader product provided to us.

-Kim Mr form South Korean

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